Radar Chaos Screenshot

Our latest air traffic control game Radar Chaos is progressing nicely, and we should have the finished product done by early April 2011, fashionably late.

There are so many features we’d love to add to Radar Chaos, but in order to deliver a product within a reasonable time frame, one must say “Enough!” at some point.  We had originally planned to add some “enroute” scenarios, but have decided to release these in a future version of Radar Chaos.

Check out our latest screenshot of Radar Chaos on the product page of our site.  This screenshot shows level 10, the final level, which has an ‘island’ theme.  Lots of airports packed close together within a cluster of islands.  There is plenty of terrain to hit, as these islands are volcanic and very unforgiving.  This level demands a great deal of scanning.

Look for Radar Chaos next month!

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