Passenger Comments in Airport Madness 3D

I’ve added an interesting little feature to our upcoming Airport Madness 3D, which I expect at least 30% of you will like.  It’s an in-game Twitter-like feed of comments from pilots, passengers and local news stations to let you know how you’re doing as an air traffic controller.


Originally, my plan was to insert “thought bubbles” above airplanes, giving the player a sense of whether or not they were doing a good job of controlling airplanes.  However, in a game such as this one, visibility is extremely important.   Thought bubbles would likely hide other airplanes, and make the game difficult to play.  I came up with something I call “MadTweets”, a continuous feed of tweets posted by pilots, passengers, and local news.  It’s tidy, non-intrusive, and easy to turn off in Settings.

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