When the Heck is AM5 Releasing?

AMTM_2172_screenshotHere is another screenshot teaser of Airport Madness: Time Machine.  The above shot is ‘the future’, 2172 to be exact.  It doesn’t look like much without the aircraft, which have a very futuristic look and behavior.  Basically, we feel that in the future, planes will be bigger and faster.  Airports will be designed more efficiently.  And yes, there will still be runways.

The official release date is “May”, with quotation marks around it.  That means May 31, at midnight.  Honolulu time, if you get my drift.  Airport Madness: Time Machine is progressing nicely, but taking forever.  Most of the artwork is done, now it’s on to fixing bugs, adding sound effects, music and polish.  Oh, and testing, almost forgot that one. I’m always amazed by how much the to-do list grows at the last minute.  Fore a while there, I actually thought we’d be launching on May 1.

I’ve got a month still, so I’m not panicking yet.  You will know when we are panicking, because you won’t hear a peep from us.  Not an email, nor a tweet.  Not a blog, facebook update, newsletter, or YouTube video.  This game will be a good one!

6 thoughts on “When the Heck is AM5 Releasing?

  1. Scott

    You mentioned that in the future, airports will still have runways. In my version of the future, I expect runways to not only remain, but grow longer due to higher volume aircraft such as the current A380. When Airports don’t need runways anymore, I think they will cease to exist.

  2. Scott Heng

    Wow that’s a cool screenshot.. and could be a controller’s nightmare. It looks like two of the runways are missing taxiways entrances, unless they only support west departures and east arrivals. Could LAHSO be implemented by any chance, especially for smaller aircraft?

    1. Niels

      Well, this happens in real world as well 😉
      Look at EHAM (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
      Runway 36L is departure only, while the same runway (18R) is used for arrivals only.

  3. Paul Harris

    I haven’t been this excited for a video game in a long time. Really looking forward to it.


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